Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Letters to Mommy 5

Dear Mommy,

Keillor is very scared of ants. I'm not scared of ants, Mommy, but Keillor is. When we walk to the beach, Keillor asks Daddy to carry him. Daddy says he will hold Keillor's hand. Today I told Keillor I would hold his hand so the ants wouldn't get him.

Keillor is also scared of water, Mommy. He doesn't like the beach. He wants to watch super brother and sister on TV with Granddaddy or bury his choo choos in the sand. Daddy and I went out in the ocean and we finded nine sea dollars. Daddy calls them sand dollars but I call them sea dollars. You wiggle your tootsies in the sand to find them. They pee peed on me and my hands were yellow. I asked Daddy, "Aren't they going to poop?" Daddy said they werent going to poop and to wash my hands in the ocean.

Daddy brought Keillor out to find sea dollars, but Keillor screamed. Daddy found one and gave it to Keillor, but he threw it in the water. Daddy also found Herman crabs for Keillor, but he threw them in the water.

Then Laurel Ann showed us how to fish with our hands, and she catched a lot of fish, but we put them back with their families so they wouldn't be sad. I catched a fish and I couldn't find its family, but Daddy said I had to put it back in the water or it would die, but I couldn't find its family, and I wanted it to be with its family so it wouldn't cry.

We also went on a walk and saw a squirrel. I asked Daddy, "Do we have a squirrel at home where Kentucky is?" He said we did. On our walk, we went to where you and Daddy stayed before we were born. Daddy looked at it for a long time and he was pensive like Gary from the Muppets. Poor Gary. He's sad, Mommy. Daddy took our picture at a tree where Grandmommy took his picture when he was little.

We went on an adventure in Daddy's car. We went to the pier and saw people fishing. We went to the turtle store and got turtle stuffed aminals. My is orange and I named her Orange Juice. Keillor's is green and his name is Sea Weed. We tried to find something for you. Daddy found a pair of turtle earrings, but Daddy said they were cheesy and then he said they were made in Canada or something. Granddaddy took us to the golf store, but we didn't find anything for you in there. There was a statue man who didn't talk. Keillor asked Daddy if we could take his shoes. Daddy said no. Keillor asked why. Daddy asked if he wanted someone to take his shoes. Keillor said his shoes wouldn't fit.

At dinner, Granddaddy asked Keillor if the milk was going to make hair grow on our chests. Keillor looked down to check. Will it, Mommy? Then Granddaddy read us two books. We read the Princess and the Pig and Farkle McBride. Keillor wasn't listening during the first book so Daddy put him in his bed. He came back for Farkle McBride and we showed Granddaddy our Farkle faces.

At bed time, Daddy told me to tell Keillor to lie down and go to sleep if he tried to keep me up. I did that, but then Keillor and I had a conversation about poo poo that went like this:

Poo Poo
Poo poo

Daddy did not come up to tell us to go to bed so we went to bed.

We miss you, Mommy. Especially Daddy. He keeps saying, "God, I wish your mother were here." I think that means he loves you.



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  1. That is exactly what Daddy means, Button. I miss you too and can't wait until you are all back home. Give Daddy lots of hugs. Tell Keillor cock-a-doodie, hahahaha. I love you