Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letters to Mommy 3

Dear Mommy,

We got to Jackyl Island today. I said I wanted to go to the beach. Daddy said we could. Keillor said he wanted to go to the jungle. Daddy said we could do that, too. He said Jackyl Island has a beach and a jungle.

After riding the in the car for a long time, we got to the beach. Daddy said, "There's the beach." I said, "Can we got to there?" Daddy laughed and said yes. It was raining, so we didn't have to wear suntan lotion. Grandmommy and Granddaddy got us kites to play with and toys for making sand castles. I'm going to make a little beautiful princess castle and Keillor is going to make a great big queen castle.

Daddy took us to the ocean in our clothes and told us not to get wet. We got wet. We got very wet. Keillor and I found little mountains to climb. They are on the beach with little rivers all around them. It was scary and I almost fell in. Then I fell in. Thenn Keillor fell in. Daddy said, "OK, alright....well, OK, let's just....OK." I think he was frusterated.

We came back to Grandmommy's house and got in the shower to get the sand off. Daddy put us in our swimsuits. Daddy said, "Why didn't I do this earlier?"

We went back out to the beach again and brought our tools for making castles. Daddy brought a kite. I asked Daddy if we could get wet and he said, "You were going to anyway." How did he know? We made castles, but Keillor broke mine. Daddy made a crocodile, but Keillor broke it. Daddy dropped his kite and it ran away from him. He ran after it and caught it. "You are fast, Daddy," I said. He said thank you. Daddy was using his manners like a good daddy.
We wanted to play on the beach for longer, but Daddy said it was after our bed time so we had to go home.
We ate paskettios for dinner, and we took a bath. Daddy said the water was yellow, but Grandmommy said it was just the tub. Daddy said, "If you say so."

After we got our jammies on, Keillor found an ant and threw it in the toilet. Daddy said it wasn't an ant. He said it was a cockroach and he hade Keillor wash his hands. He said not to touch any bugs inside the house.
We read a new Thomas story and a new animals story that Grandmommy and Granddaddy got us and then we went to bed. Keillor said he had to go poo poo, and Daddy said he didn't believe him, but Keillor said he really had to go. Keiller went, and Daddy said he guessed Keiller really had to go.

We tried to got to sleep, but Mulligan and Lizzie kept barking and barking. I could hear Daddy getting frusterated. I think he misses you, Mommy. I miss you, too.



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  1. Sweet children. Be nice to your daddy. He is trying to give you lots of adventures to remember. I love you all.