Monday, February 15, 2010

Like and Dislikes

For twins, our babies are sure different. They don't even look that much alike.

Emaline likes big-girl food she can eat with a spoon.
Keillor would rather eat his bib.
Emaline likes her pacifier.
Keillor would rather eat his bib.
Keillor likes people.
Emaline likes people she knows.
Emaline likes having her ears cleaned.
Keillor hates having his ears cleaned.
Keillor likes lying on his back in the bathtub and kicking his feet.
Emaline likes to sit straight up and reach for toys.
Keillor cries when Daddy sneezes.
Emaline cries when anyone touches her nose.
Keillor likes his sippy cup.
Emaline likes throwing her sippy cup.
Keillor likes Peek-a-Boo.
Emaline likes to sit quietly in her crib and stare at her hands.
Emaline likes to touch faces.
Keillor likes to pull hair, scratch, and bite people.
Keillor likes trying to talk.
Emaline prefers to sing.
Emaline tries really hard to crawl.
Keillor prefers to roll.
Emaline has small, dainty hands and feet.
Keillor has meaty paws.
Keillor likes Pulp Fiction.
Emaline thinks Quentin Tarantino is overrated and prefers Robert Rodriguez.
Keillor is Emaline’s favorite person.
People are Keillor’s favorite person.