Friday, June 8, 2012

Dear Mommy, Keillor hit me. We wanted to play in the same Pack n Play, and he got too rough. But that just happened a minute ago. That's not why I was writing. I wanted to tell you about our trip. Daddy wanted to leave by 8 o'clock (really?), but we dumped out all of our toys and wouldn't put on our shoes and ran off with our toothbrushes. Keillor and I prefer a later departure. We were in the car by 8:30. Did I mention that Daddy didn't make us go potty? He did ask once we were in the car if we needed to go, but what were we supposed to say? Anyway, Daddy said that on the way to Grammy and PawPaw's, we would stop at resternauts to go potty, so right as we got out of town, Keillor said he had to go potty. Daddy was frusterated, but he stopped at a gas station so we could go. What a good Daddy. I asked if I could take good giraffe with me, but he said no. There was a man in the bathroom, so we had to wait. When he came out, he left a smell behind. Keillor said it smelled like poo poo. Daddy said not to say that. Keillor went pee pee, but I had to poop, so I did. Daddy looked frusterated again. We washed our hands, but Daddy wouldn't let us dry them on the black towel. I don't know why. We were back on the road. We had all sorts of fun in the car. We played with our magna doodles for about ten seconds, listened to the Backyardigans, and fell asleep. When we woke up, Daddy said we could go to our favorite resternaut. I said I wanted to eat mac and cheese; Keillor said he wanted chicken. We were so hungry. We went potty first. Daddy told us to keep our hands to ourselves and not to grab the pretty pink ball out of the wall potty. An old man came in and Keillor liked his wallet so he told the old man he liked his wallet, but I don't think he heard Keillor because he just smiled. The nice lady in the apron said that it wasn't dinner time yet, so we couldn't eat chicken and mac and cheese. I said it was lunch time and not dinner. She said all they had was breakfast. I wanted oatmeal. She said they were out of oatmeal. Daddy looked frusterated. Our pancakes were yummy, and Daddy got us yogurt, too. On the way out, we barely touched any toys and we said thank you to Cracker Barrel, even though the biscuits were crusty. Instead of napping in the car, Keillor and I yelled and picked on each other. Keillor had to go to time out three times for saying "shut up." We don't say that, do we, Mommy? I had to go to time out because I was screaming and Daddy told me to stop screaming but I didn't stop screaming. Daddy was frusterated, but I told him it's OK. When we got into the city, there were a lot of cars. Daddy said nobody knows how to drive. I told him, "it's OK, Daddy. We're going to Grammy and PawPaw's and then to the beach." When we got to Grammy and PawPaw's, Daddy was tired. "Are you exhausted, Daddy?" I asked. He said yes. Keillor and I were excited. We ran to Grammy and PawPaw and got great big hugs. I asked if we could have candy. Daddy said maybe later. I know what that means. It means no. We ate all of our dinner and got apple sauce for dessert. When it was time for nigh' night, Keillor put on his tiger jammies. We tried not to sleep, but we were very tired. Daddy turned on the TV, but not to watch cartoons. All that came out was sound machine noise. The next thing I knew, it was 5:30 in the morning. Time to wake up Daddy. We're going to have fun adventures every day. I'll tell you all about them. Love, Emaline. P.S. In the car, Keillor and I played resternaut. He asked me if I wanted to eat pee pee and poo poo. Daddy said we don't talk like that, but I think he was laughing. P.P.S. I miss you.

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  1. I miss you too. Daddy is right, we don't talk about pee pee and poo poo unless we are telling someone we need to go.