Monday, December 28, 2015

Back After Two and a Half Years

When I first started this blog, I had high hopes that it would last all of their lives. Secretly, I figured I'd keep it going for a year. It has been two and a half years since I last posted anything to the site, but it let me log in, so here we go.

For this post, Emaline is dictating. I will just be typing. 

Since we live in Lexington, we get to go to the skate park. It's called Woodland Park, and it has a playground, too.

I want to talk about Cassidy. My favorite part is playing on the playground and getting to eat in the cafeteria. Katherine is my best friend. I play hamsters outside on the playground. It's a game where dinosaurs chase us and the hamsters have to run from the dinosaurs. So, basically, it's kind of like tag.

Well, I just lost a tooth. Keillor's lost two teeth and I've lost four teeth. Keillor's probably like, "Awe, I wish I lost a tooth."

I got a lot of presents at Grammy's and GeeGee and GaGa's and Grandmommy's. My favorite present from Grammy's house is my Zoomer Cat, and my favorite present at GeeGee's house is my Zippy Sack, and my favorite present at Grandmommy's house is my air brush. Grandmommy has three TVs in her house.

I really like Daddy's house because I get to play hide and go seek there, and it has a lot of good hiding places. Daddy has to help hide us because it's smaller than Mommy's house. When Daddy hides us, it takes a while to find because he hides us really good. At Mommy's house, I like to play with Brayden in the woods. Brayden's my next door neighbor. He is in fourth grade.

Now that I'm six, I'm old enough to do some more things like...I don't really know. It's kind of the same.

There's a lot of stuff I want to do next year. I want to have a home. I want to drive a car. I want to get a pet.

I've already said all of the things.