Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letters to Mommy 4


Can I go to the beach? Daddy said if I don't lie down and go to bed I can't go to the beach. Can I go to the beach?

We went to the beach in the morning today and we saw a big crab. Laurel Ann catched the crab and put it in a bucket. We digged a river for the crab and my boat. Emaline and Daddy made castles and I broke them with my choo choos. Daddy said to stop but I didn't. Emaline said, "Break your own castle, Keillor," so...

Emaline asked Daddy if we could get in the water, but I didn't want to get in the water because I don't like it, Mommy. I told Daddy to pick me up. Emaline runned right into the water. She's not scared of anything. Then I got so scared I had to go potty, so I told Daddy I had to go potty.

On the way back, we had to walk near ant beds. I don't like ants, Mommy. I got really scared, but Daddy wouldn't pick me up. Emaline just ran right through the ants. I didn't want to walk near the ants. Daddy said to walk fast, but I couldn't move. Daddy held my hand, but I was still scared. Daddy said it was OK, but it wasn't OK. The ants were coming after me, Mommy, They wanted to bite my legs. I cried, Mommy, I cried a lot. I even cried when I went potty.

Then I saw a cookie in Daddy's hand. "What is that, Daddy?" I asked. He said it was a cookie. He let me eat it. I don't like ants.

I wanted to go back to the beach. "Are Judie and Rod coming?" I asked Daddy. "Judie and Rod? You mean Grandmommy and Granddaddy?"
"Are they coming?"

Why do some people have two names, Mommy?

After our nap we went to the tide pools to get our swim suits dirty and give Daddy a heart attack. Emaline looked like she pooped, but Daddy said not to talk like that, but she did look like she pooped, so...

At bed time, I didn't want to go to bed, so I kept jumping in my bed. Daddy said if I didnt go to bed, we couldn't go to the beach tomorrow. We are already at the beach, but I didn't say that because Daddy was mad. He said we got to eat dinner and it was his turn. Then he took my blanket and said I couldn't get it back until I laid down and closed my eyes. Emaline said, "Daddy, can Keillor get his blanket back? Please." I think she wanted to go to sleep.

Daddy had a bunch of funny things to say in my voice, but he can't remember and he's tired.

Olive you and miss you.


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  1. Kiki Bird. Be a sweet boy and let Emaline sleep. I know it is exciting to be at the beach, but you have to rest for your adventures. Daddy will keep you safe from the ants. Love to you all