Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Emaline and Keillor (and Mommy),

I haven't visited any castles yet, but I did see one. I went to the farmers' market today, too. I bought cheese and oats and strawberries and cherries and bread. That sounds like a meal my little Schmookies would like. I also saw two kids your age playing. I did something Mommy would do and I went up to the parents and said, "You can't let your kids come near me because I have two beautiful children at home and I miss them." Maybe that's something Grandmommy would say. But then I said, "Your children are so precious." Maybe Mommy would say that. Then I felt weird.
I met all kinds of people today. You would have been very shy.
I went into a kilt shop to look for matching kilts for Keillor and me. The man said I could get fitted for a kilt and they would ship it to me. They only wanted 250 pounds sterling for it. I said I'd think about it.
I'm still looking for a wee kilt for Keillor. Those are more like 25 pounds. When girls where kilts, they are called skirts. I was told that the difference between kilts and skirts is underpants. If you're wearing underpants, it's a skirt. Maybe I shouldn't get Keillor a kilt.
Tell Mommy that Edinburgh has an H&M and an Anthropologie. There are many fancy stores on Princess Street that Mommy would really like.
Also tell Mommy to look up stuff she wants to do and see. Daddy's eyes are starting to cross, so I am going to sleep, but have a look at some of the pictures Daddy took. Some of them have a dinosaur in them.
I love you all very much. Take care of Mommy.
Love, Daddy

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  1. If you do find a princess in a castle, please take a picture! We ALL want to see one!