Saturday, June 9, 2012

Letters to Mommy 2

Hey, Mommy.
Emaline cut my finger off. Daddy said she didn't, but she did. Yes, you did, Emaline. Shut up. No. No....

OK, I'm back. I had to go to time out. Sorry, Emaline.

It's my turn to tell you what we did yesterday. We went swimming, Mommy, in a big pool, with other kids. Um, Skylie, and, um, Jason, and, ,um, Skylie and Jason, and, um, Michael Connor.

But first we played in the little pool with Grammy and Daddy. Daddy told me not to splash water out of the pool or pour water out of the pool with my blue cup, but I wasn't. No, I wasn't, Emaline.

Then we got dressed and helped Grammy and Mommy, I mean Daddy clean the big big pool. It was very dirty and smelled like poo poo. I didn't say poo poo, Emaline. Stop it. Daddy, Emaline said poo poo. I don't need to calm down. OK, I calm, Daddy. I calm.

Grammy let us get in the pool to help clean it. It was fun, Mommy. We slid in the brown water and Daddy said he shouldn't have taken our swimsuits off. Then we played in the sprinkler. It was a beach ball. We are going to the beach today, Mommy. I want Mommy to be at the beach.

We took a long nap, and when we got up, we played in the big pool with the other kids. It had a little but of water in it, but not brown. We splashed and runned, and Daddy didn't put us in time out. Jason poured water on Emaline's face, and Grammy said not to do that. She said Jason is too rowdy. I want a big pool at my house, Mommy.

After swimming, we watched a robot movie, and it was fun. Then we had dinner time, and I ate all my chicken and carrots and corn and green beans and mashed totatoes, but I did not get ice cream because I had ice cream after lunch time, but Emaline didn't, but Emaline had ice cream later. She had banilla and I had chocolate.

We took a bath in Grammy's bath, and I washed my hair.

At bed time, Daddy read a new story that Grammy gave us about salalanders, and I almost falled asleep, but I didn't. No, I didn't Emaline. Then Daddy read Kissing Hand and we miss you.

We went to sleep and woke up at 5:30. Daddy said everyone else was asleep, but I said they were awake, but Daddy said no.



P.S. Kissing Hand.

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