Saturday, June 30, 2012

Letters to Daddy, 2

Dear Daddy,

Mommy said you were visiting castles. She showed me pictures. Daddy, that was not a castle. I did not see any princesses. We liked seeing you on Mommy's phone, but Keillor thought you were at the hospital. Are you ok Daddy? Mommy said you were at a hostel and not a hospital. Both sound bad to me Daddy.

This morning, we went to the farmer's market. We bought peaches, tomatoes, and basil. I asked Mommy if she was going to eat leaves. Then we went to Trader Joe's and Mommy bought us some watermelon. Mommy said we were very good and she let us have ice cream after our nap. We were so excited about ice cream that we only slept long enough to let Mommy make turkey meatballs for dinner. I only wanted cheese and fruit for dinner, but Keillor ate meatballs.

Mommy let us make art after swimming like mermaids. Keillor made a truck and I made doo doo. Doo doo. Hahahahaha...ahhhhhhhh. Mommy got mad and said, "no more potty talk." I said, "Mommy, flying doo doo, hahahahahaha." She turned around and her shoulders were shaking. I think she was laughing. But she said she would never laugh at such owl language. She said, " it is foul language." Like I said, Daddy, owl language.

I am being your best girl and Keillor is being your best boy.



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  1. What? You didn't tell Daddy how excited Mommy was to visit the new Trader Joe's??? Mommy loves TJ's soooooo much!!