Friday, June 15, 2012

Letters to Mommy 6

Dear Mommy,

Daddy said I have been a good boy. He said he is proud of me. Emaline said, “Daddy, are you proud of me?” Daddy said yes, he is. We got to Gee Gee and Ga Ga’s house yesterday after being in Daddy’s car all day. I got to sit on Daddy’s side. We went to Cracker Barrel, and I ate chicken and mac and cheese and carrots. They didn’t make us eat breakfast like the last one. I ate all of my lunch and drank my milk. So did Emaline. These two old people sitting by us came over and the lady said to Daddy that she had never seen two better behaved children in a resternaut before. Daddy said he was just as surprised as she was. She said he had two little angels, and he said he knew it, but I didn’t see any angels or ghosts, just us, so…

After lunch, Daddy took us to the bathroom. When he was going pee pee, he said, “What do you need to do?” We said, “Hands to ourselves.” “That’s right,” said Daddy. I put my hands in my pockets and wiggled them around. “Look, Daddy,” I said, “I have puppets in my pants.” Daddy started laughing while he was going pee pee.
We drove over a big bridge with a lake under it. Emaline asked Daddy if there were alligators and crocodiles in the lake. Daddy said no, that they live in swamps and marshes. Emaline asked if they eat marshmallows. Daddy laughed again, but he wasn’t peeing this time.

We only fighted in the car once when I put my feet on Emaline’s side. Daddy took my blanket away and I put my feet back where they go.
 When we got to Gee Gee and Ga Ga’s, we went swimming in their lake yard. Daddy put our robot arms on. I wasn’t scared, Mommy. I mean, I was scared, but I swimmed in the water. I even jumped off the dock, but only if Daddy was holding my hand. Emaline jumped off a lot of times, and she did it when Daddy was not looking. Daddy said Emaline is going to give him a heart attack one day. I asked Daddy if I could pee in the lake, and he said yes, so I got out of the lake, pulled down my pants and peed into it. Then Emaline pulled off her swim suit and peed in the grass. Daddy asked her what is she doing, but she was already done. Then she ran around the yard nekked and I said she was Nekkedy Sue and I was Nekkedy Pete.

We went for a ride in Gee Gee’s golf cart. Daddy drove us to see the horses and cows. Gee Gee brought apples and carrots for us to feed to the horses. Emaline feeded the horses, but I was scared. Gee Gee said for Emaline to be careful so they don’t bite her fingers. I didn’t want my fingers bitten off, Mommy. No way. Even Daddy was a little scared. He said so.
Then Daddy and Ga Ga took us fishing. I was very excited. I got a Spiderman fishing pole and Emaline got a Barbie one. Daddy even got us worms.
Then Emaline and I figured out what fishing is. Fishing is when Daddy says "don't touch that" and Ga Ga throws your worm into the water on a string. Then you have to sit there while Daddy tells you not to put your fishing pole in the water. I don't like fishing, Mommy. Emaline digged up the worms out of the worm box and she gave some to me to play with. Daddy told Emaline not to eat the worms. Emaline named her worm "Wormy Worm." I don't like worms.
Ga Ga made chicken pie for dinner and it was good. “I like chicken pie, Ga Ga,” I told him. “It’s good.” Emaline only eated her crust.
After dinner we were so sleepy that I told Daddy I was ready to go to bed. Daddy spit his drink out and started choking. “What’s wrong, Daddy?” I asked him. He said we better hurry up and get me in bed before I change my mind.

Daddy tried to put me in a big bed to sleep, but I like my little bed. Daddy said I am too long, but I can curl up. Emaline tried to sleep in a big bed last night, but she fell off the bed. Daddy said not to tell you, Mommy, but I am. Can I have a smoovie?

I went right to sleep, but I could hear Daddy telling Ga Ga that I am usually a pill at bedtime and refuse to go to bed, and that at the beach he had to run ten miles one night to keep from going completely insane. Ga Ga started telling a story about Daddy as a little boy, but I had heard it before so I fell asleep.

Tomorrow we will have another birthday party with cousin Seth. We get presents and cake. I want chocolate. Emaline wants vanilla. Then we get to come home and see you, Mommy. That will be better than cake and the best present ever.


P.S. Daddy found our toothbrush bag. He looked in every bag and in the car three times. He called Grandmommy to see if he left it at the beach with his pillow. Then Gee Gee found it on the counter in the bathroom, right where Daddy put it when we got here. Silly Daddy.


  1. Granddaddy and I miss you so much that we are buying a house at the beach so you can come and visit us more often!!!

  2. Can't wait until my family comes home tomorrow. Leo and I are tired of the quiet and the toys are getting dusty. Drive safely.