Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pets VS Kids

We were always told that owning pets is good training for having kids. Boy, is this ever wrong. How?
  1. Kids can’t use the litter box

  2. You can’t bathe your kids outside with the hose (yet)

  3. I’ve never had to wipe my dog’s rear end (of course, we have had to wipe the cat)

  4. The kids refuse to eat out of a bowl on the floor

  5. You can’t leave the kids at home while you go to a movie

  6. Owning pets does not make your breasts sore

  7. I do not have to burp my dog after she eats an ounce of food

  8. If the dog wakes up every three hours, nobody cares

  9. The dog’s never thrown up on my shoulder

  10. The babies can’t sleep at the foot of the bed

  11. Wrapping our pets up tightly does not make them go to sleep

The twins are 53 days old today. They have almost doubled their birth weight, are sleeping longer at night, and have found a way to make their poop stinkier. As I write this, I am in the guest room at Grammy and PawPaw Dee's house. Emaline is asleep on the bed next to her mommy (who is making their food). Keillor is eating his lunch. Uncle Tommy and Aunty Ruth just showed up. In a while, Gee Gee and Grandpa will be here, along with PawPaw Hal, Papa Cliff , MamMaw, Great Uncle Dave and Great Aunt Ro. Four generations together.

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