Friday, July 3, 2009

The Many Faces of Emaline

Keillor screams like a banshee. Emaline waits to poop until after her diaper is off. Keillor gets horrible gas pains and can't sleep on his back (or his front). Emaline makes noises constantly while she sleeps. Keillor cannot be soothed the same way twice. Emaline challenges the 5 S's to a cage match. Sometimes they want to eat every hour, no matter how much we feed them. They can go from sleeping soundly to screaming in .5 seconds. They know exactly when we want to take a nap. We are exhausted.

Keillor grins like a pirate. Emaline crosses her eyes when she eats. Keillor likes to sleep on our stomachs. Emaline grabs her bottle when she eats. Keillor looks like a monkey when I hold him on my arm. Emaline’s huge eyes are hidden by her long eyelashes. Sometimes they smile and we’re sure it’s not gas. They can be loaded up into Bjorns to go on long walks. They know exactly when we want to be reminded how lucky we are. We are in love.

Here is a video of Emaline. One of Keillor is in the works.

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