Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keillor Sneezes

A representative from the Jim Tate Talent Agency called this morning to let us know that a sound effects company wants to use Keillor's voice on their "Sounds of Babies" CD. We said yes, of course, because we are going through diapers faster than Bret Michaels through a bottle of Valtrex--thanks to Emaline's penchant for releasing a second and more deadly poop immediately after a diaper change (that's why we are going through diapers, not the Bret Michaels thing).

Keillor sneezes (track 2)


  1. I save on diapers by putting one on in the morning and then a clean one on right before bedtime, whether Isaac needs it or not. A jumbo pack of diapers lasts for like, 2 months or so.

  2. When does this happen? Two diapers a day?