Monday, July 13, 2009

Got Milk?

We couldn't believe it when we got a call from the Dairy Board. Emaline has been asked to be a milk model. Not even Suri Cruise is a milk model. It seems that a rep from the ad campaign saw one of Emaline's towel shots in Parenting Magazine and called her agent, Jim Tate.

Jim said that Emaline would get more jobs for little girls if she stopped losing her hair. This has been an issue of late. She looks more like Captain Picard than a baby girl. He directed us to a baby wig store that specializes in wigs for baby pattern baldness. While we have taken a couple of them home to see how they wear, we have not made any final decisions.

Meanwhile, Keillor has been reading, reading, reading his Tana Hoban books. No matter how many times he reads the books, it's like he's reading it for the first time. We're not sure if he's just that intrigued or has poor short-term memory.
On the reality front, the twins went up to Lexington to see Uncle Brad and Aunt Erika. They had a great time. They also got to see the Guinness Book of World Records largest baby in the world, Paul Schmelzer, who, at five months, weighs in at 18 pounds. That is two Emalines. Henry is trying to catch up to his cousin and started putting Beefcake 5,000 in his breast milk. So far, it seems to be working.

The twins are gearing up for their trip down south to Alabama. Keillor has been practicing saying "Yes, ma'am" and "ya'll," while Emaline has been adding Mountain Dew to her milk. We are sort of dreading the long car ride with two infants who will need to eat and get a diaper change every three hours.

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