Friday, June 26, 2009

Keillor's in Space, Emaline's in the Ring

Inspired by his David Bowie onesie, Keillor has decided that he wants to be an astrotot. Of course, when he went on his first voyage, he didn’t just bring the one outfit, but many ch-ch-ch-changes. We sent him with SpaceMilk, which is really just freeze-dried breast milk that comes in a vacuum pack. He discovered that he could use his Dr. Brown’s vented bottle to transmit data back to earth. We hope to hear from him soon. Click on the image below to enlarge.

On the Emaline front, she has given up baby modeling for a more full-contact career in tot boxing. She was inspired by her mommy’s skills at Wii boxing. A member of the BBLA, Baby Boxing League of America, she is set to fight the World Diaperweight Champion, Lila “The Queen” King. Aimee almost put the kibosh on the whole boxing thing after Emaline came home with a black eye (The black eye is courtesy of Photoshop--Aimee made me put that), a diamond earring, and a tattoo, but she just looks so darn cute.


  1. So, do they have agents yet? Where can I get my kid a gig like one of these? Can I start them out while still in the womb?

  2. And Keillor is floating in the most peculiar way.

  3. Nice FOTC reference. ah now I'm reminiscing from that one day in AP English