Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Child Exploitation

Due to the struggling economy and the price of diapers, Keillor was forced to get a job to earn his keep in the Mau house. They ain't just givin' breast milk away, kid.
We had to find a place that ignored child labor laws, so we went on Craigslist.

And I thought Craigslist was just for robbing hookers.
Keillor ended up scoring a great j.o.b. at BottleBrushers, an establishment that cleans and sanitizes bottles and accessories. In the photo, you can see Keillor is embarrassed, but hard working. Donning his infant hair net and Cool Cat dish washing bib, he toiled for eight hours straight.

Emaline found less dish-pan-handsy employment as a baby bath towel model. The modeling agency said she is a bit too chubby for the Calvin Klein towels, so we are trying to get her back down to her birth weight. Raising babies is hard work, but with the help of Tyra Banks, we think we're doing O.K.

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