Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cherishing Every Minute

Aimee and I are always reminding each other how perfect it was that the twins were born at the beginning of the summer. We are both able to be home with them. This may mean one of us gets to nap a little longer, or one can go to the grocery store. It allows us to update this blog, and video the kids. This morning Aimee worked out the yard while I fed the babies. Yesterday, I bathed the dog while she fed the babies. We get to have shared memories of their first couple of months of life. Lucky, lucky.

Because the twins are so advanced, they have been able to take on adult responsibilities such as Keillor's acting and space travel, and Emaline's modeling and boxing. We have been criticized for letting them grow up too quickly, but we feel that we need to grab these opportunities as they come. I know the twins feel the same.

The Gemini that Emaline is, she has dropped boxing and has gone back to modeling, filming this ad for the baby perfume (Eu du petite toilette) Baby Face. Please enjoy.

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  1. I agree Joey, how in the world are they ever supposed to learn responsibility and independence if you don't start them early.

    At the ripe age of 8, Aiden is already doing all of his own cooking and cleaning, as well as paying his share of the utilities. We ain't raising no moochers in this family dang it!