Thursday, June 13, 2013

Almost a year later

Dear Emaline and Keillor,

It's been almost a year since I wrote about you in this blog. I was in Scotland then. A lot has happened since. You just had your fourth birthday. We rented a pavilion at Blue Park, and your friends came to celebrate with you. Keillor, you got your first bike with training wheels. Emaline, you got more Barbie stuff. You sure love Barbies. You spend way too much time taking their clothes off. I wonder what that's about.
You started Montessori school in the spring last year, and you are still not used to it. You prefer Ms. Tina's and ask about going all of the time.
Right now we are at Grandmommy's and Granddaddy's in Georgia. Keillor just cleaned up his trains so he could watch cartoons in Grandmommy's room. There are three Barbies on the dining room table next to me. All of them are naked. Seriously, Emaline?
Mommy left this morning to go help Grammy and PawPaw move. It will just be the three of us here for the rest of the trip. I hope you don't gang up on Daddy. I have a horrible sunburn on my back and I promised Mommy I wouldn't lose my temper.
Now I just have to remember to keep up with this blog regularly. We'll see.
Keillor on his bike

Emaline with a mouth full of sandwich

Digging for shells with Daddy

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