Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letters to Daddy, 4

Dear Daddy,

I am not doing my best. I can't make tracks for the choo choos like you and Keillor is arassing me. He says Jack Black is bad. Jack Black is not bad,Daddy. He just needs anger managment because he is frusterated. Mommy says we can't watch the Muppet Movie anymore if we keep fighting over Jack. I am right and Keillor is wrong. I told Mommy I am going to kiss you on the nose when you get home. Keillor said he is going to kiss you all over your face.

I told Mommy my tummy hurt because I had banana pudding. I do not like banana pudding, Daddy. Mommy said most people like it, but she believesg me because she doesn't like watermelon. I do like watermelon, Daddy. Just like you.

I miss you and love you,

1 comment:

  1. Emaline, sometimes banana pudding makes my stomach hurt! I always have to let the bananas get REALLY ripe, with lots of brown spots on them before I make banana pudding, or I will get that stomach ache!!

    Granddaddy and I sold our house in Tucson and we are moving to the beach! We can hardly wait for you and Keillor and your mom and dad to come and see us there! I won't make banana pudding when you come, but I'll make something really yummy and we can go to the beach and swim!!