Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moving Right Along

Dear Emaline and Keillor,

As I write this, you are out riding bikes with Granddaddy. Well, Keillor is riding his bike, Emaline is riding her tricycle, and Granddaddy is walking with the dogs. About a half an hour ago, Emaline took a crayon and drew on Grandmommy's kitchen chair. Big trouble.
Yesterday was a lazy day, and we didn't even leave the house. We didn't even get out of bed until 9 a.m., which surprised everyone. Of course, I was asleep; you two were watching cartoons on the iPad.
I cut card stock into postcard sized pieces and you two made postcards to send to Mommy. Emaline, you drew a beanstalk. Keillor asked me to draw him a train which he then colored in. I wish I had taken pictures to post here, but I did not.
This morning for the eight hundredth time, Keillor asked for cereal without milk only to change his mind as soon as I put the milk away. I even recorded you saying you didn't want milk, and I played it back for you several times before I put the milk away. When you finished that bowl, you asked for more. I poured more cereal in, and you got up and walked away.
We are planning on going to the pool today, and Keillor is going to get a haircut. We had planned on going to the beach yesterday, and that never happened, so we'll see.
Emaline reading Squirrel Nutkin

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