Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trip to the Aquarium

For their second birthday, we took the Schmookies up to Newport to see some big fish and the Kings: Dave, Rachel and Lila. A late start put us in the worst traffic ever. Just a few miles from the aquarium, we were in a parking lot on the interstate. We were moving a mile every twenty minutes. Not off to a good start.
We did eventually make it. A trip to the bathroom of a nearby Barnes & Noble was in order. Mommy took one and I took the other. Once in the stall, my very bright little boy began to yell, "Daddy go poo poo. Poo poo, Daddy. Daddy's going poo poo." This from a boy who screams in terror if I try to even touch his bottom to a toilet seat. He'll get his one day.
We saw big fish, little fish, fish with teeth, fish that looked like snakes, fish that looked like spiders (big spiders), see-through fish, otters, and penguins.
Emaline and Keillor go whale watching.

Keillor watches penguins

Emaline helps Lila climb a giant frog

The girls play with amphibians
Emaline pet's a crab

Holding Hands

Playing in the shark theatre

What a cute boy
The highlight of the trip was watching Emaline and Lila playing together and later eating pizza. Because we got there so late, we missed nap time by three hours. They were asleep before we left the parking garage to go home.
Keillor before we are out of the parking lot.
Emaline about two minutes later

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  1. AWWWW! They look so sweet when they are asleep!!!