Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't Be Jealous

Emaline attempts to escape the car seat

Well, we did it. We finally did what we said we would never do, then said we really needed to do, then said we absolutely had to do: we got a minivan. The last day of AP scoring in Louisville, Brad Webb and I hopped a jet to Tucson, AZ, spent a couple of days visiting family and friends (my family, our friends) and test drove the van all the way back to Lexington. The 2003 Kia Sedona came to us courtesy of my very generous parents (see Rogue Artists). The road trip home was exhausting, but seeing my amazing wife and two adorable Schmookies reinvigorated me (and gave me some virus--nice homecoming gift).
We wanted a minivan because it would provide more room for packing for trips, and would also make getting the kids into the car easier. Oh, they get in alright--they love it. However, getting them into their seats is another story. They just want to explore the van. They climb on seats, press buttons, sit on the console, sing, scream, and have a ball. Once I strap them into their seats, they remain excited because now they can see everything from their captain's chairs. Riding in the car is a whole new experience for them. All they want to do is ride in the "big car, big car, Daddy!"
So that I could remain cool driving a minivan, Aimee picked up a t-shirt and bumper sticker (above) for me and the van to wear.

So, you can't see it, but it reads, "Don't Be Jealous"

Thank you, Grandmommy and Granddaddy!

We love the big car

They also got fun hats from the Desert Museum

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  1. You are so welcome, Keillor and Emaline! I hope you love that car as much as I did!! I see your daddy figured out to screw that arm-rest back in.

    On, and I forgot to tell your daddy that there is a compartment under the passenger's seat (opens from the front) for a first-aid kit (which I used up, unfortunately!)

    I love you!!!!