Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nine months and all is well

The twins earned high marks at their nine-month check-up. Keillor's head (83rd percentile) remains too large for his body (34th percentile). Emaline is above-average in all areas except weight. High iron levels. Low lead levels. Wiper fluid and oil levels also good.
Besides the occasional ear infection, the food transition seems to be the most difficult issue to deal with. We are supposed to have them on a three-meal-a-day cycle by 12 months, with consistent progression towards big kid foods. Emaline is winning the food race. She can take down a container of stage 2 foods followed by a six-ounce bottle and a handful of Puffs. Keillor is still in the practice stage. He is trying to get his mouth to work with his tongue. His most recent meal did not end in a screaming fit, which is progress.
If another person asks me if they are crawling yet...
They are working on it. They can get where they want to go—I just wouldn't call it crawling. 
However, I will no longer bristle when someone asks if they are sitting up on their own. Yes, they are. They can also bring themselves from a prone position to a sitting position.
They have been on two runs so far. Aimee wants them to have run 100 miles before they can walk. As the babies get bigger, Mommy and Daddy want to get smaller.
I'm sure there's more to say, but I just can't think of anything right now.

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