Monday, March 15, 2010

Emaline Crawls

Our baby girl crawled across the floor on Friday like she had been doing it for months. She just decided she wanted a toy and went after it. I grabbed the video camera and caught it. Watch out world; here comes Emaline.
Other notable firsts:
Keillor is actually starting to eat consistently. Breakfast oatmeal is probably the most successful meal--although today I added his vitamins to the oatmeal and he stopped eating. He likes cous cous and chicken and apples.
They ate their first dessert. While they have been eating fruit, we gave them pudding for dessert on Sunday. Big hit. They love pudding.
On the talking front, we are still only getting seemingly random "dadadada" out of them.
They had their first play date with Henry Webb. Henry brought his parents over on Saturday. He hit Keillor in the head with a ball. This is the beginning of a budding friendship.

Daylight saving time is going to be an adjustment. Sunday's schedule was out of whack. This morning was OK--although we did think we would have to wake Keillor up.

Did I mention that Emaline crawled?

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  1. My baby twins are sooooo beautiful! I could just squeeze them and kiss them for hours. So bring them here so I can do that!