Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dispatches from Mautucky

Since we are only blogging once a year now, I thought I'd update the family about the recent developments in the world of the Mau Schmookies. Life just gets more and more interesting. The twins are singing, counting, saying some of their ABCs, pulling hair, and wanting to spend every waking hour outside. Yesterday, digging in the flower bed, they discovered worms. Emaline is fascinated. Keillor likes to look but not touch. He doesn't like getting his hands dirty.

Mommy and Emaline enjoy fake food at the Explorium.
We are at the stage where we could begin potty training or not. Emaline is ready, and will try to go potty by herself. Keillor treats the toilet like an electric chair. We are considering just doing away with diapers and letting them feel what's it's like to soil themselves. Since it is getting warm, and since we do spend a lot of time outside, this could prove to be the best method.
Keillor practices his climbing skills.
Their vocabularies have grown so much that there are fewer words they don't know than they do know. Emaline will pretty much repeat whatever we say. Keillor will just stare at us like we are idiots if we say words he doesn't understand. This weekend, they learned that the brush fire in the backyard is hot and that it will burn them. They keep repeating this over and over again: "Fire will burn babies. Hot. Hot. Burn babies. No, no, no."
Emaline gets locked out of GaGa and GeeGee's house
Our adventures in meal time have calmed. Our take it or leave it attitude has not created more adventurous eaters, but they aren't starving either.
The Schmookies pay homage to St. Francis.
While they did not understand Easter this year, we tried to explain that because of Jesus, a giant bunny brings chocolate. Emaline said, "Thank you, Jesus." Keillor just looked at us like we are morons.
Keillor dyes eggs with GaGa
Speaking of saying "thank you," they are developing manners. Both have started saying things like, "please, help," "thank you," "more, please," and "excuse me." Now we just have to work on training them to clean chimneys.
Emaline dies eggs with GeeGee

Driving Lessons

A rare occasion when they are not fighting
Emaline models her new sunglasses
They roll the garden caddy up the hill and either try to ride it down or run after it.

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  1. I have certainly missed a lot of milestones and it makes me sad. Hope you can come to visit this summer so we can know them before they go off to college!