Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hi, Aimee. In case you thought we could get along without you, we are counting down the minutes until you get home. The schmookies are counting with screams. We went on a short stroll this afternoon while the oven heated up. There was a train stopped on the tracks. Keillor was furious that it wasn't moving, and he was not impressed by the engineer waving at us from the window.
Based on the videos, you would think all we did was bathe; that's just when I remembered to get the video camera. I edited out all the naughty bits in case perverts are looking at our blog.
They went to bed with no problems. Well, sort of. Keillor started screaming that he wanted milk. I gave in and gave him a sip of milk. Then Emaline wanted milk. I gave her a sip. Then Keillor wanted water. Definite ploy to keep me in the room and the light on.
Let's just say he didn't scream as long as last night. Here's the video. It may make you cry.

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