Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter, Air Band, and Keeneland

So much to say. First off, we installed a baby gate to keep Keillor from running away from home, but also to keep L.B. away from the kids. The sweetest, kindest dog in the world does not like babies coming near her, and will growl and nip at them. Here they are taunting L.B. through the gate. Note that Keillor has stolen his sister's pacifier.

While they are the bestest of friends, they do not play well with each other all of the time, especially if Keillor has something that Emaline wants. Here they pretend to play with their Leapfrog together. This is a ruse. In a second, they will both want to play the piano, one will dominate, the other will fall over, and the crying will commence.
The baby gate may stop them from venturing too far, but they typically stop at the bookshelf anyway. It provides a great place to pull themselves up. Keillor is a fan of the Chicago Manual of Style. He likes it for its direct and simple approach to editing.
Not only is Emaline more advanced when it comes to transportation, she is also learning the ancient art of kung fu. Here she demonstrates her fight stance as she shares her motto, "Use what you got." What she got is a plastic spoon. Dangerous.
Easter Sunday brought perfect weather for taking photos of the twins in their Easter outfits (thanks Dad and Shelia). Emaline not only loves having her photo taken, but also likes playing in the grass. Her photo shoot lasted for a long time.
Keillor, on the other hand, may be allergic to grass, and did not want to pose for us.
With the arrival of spring come two major events: Air Band and the Keeneland poker party. Even though it didn't start until after their bedtime, the twins supported Air Band with their shirts.
Emaline also celebrated the coming arrival of Grammy and Pawpaw Dee by sporting a Keeneland hat. While the twins will be spending some time with the Grands, Mommy and Daddy will be gambling and drinking beer and wine. Fair trade, we think.

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  1. Emaline really loves that hat! I want to just kiss and hug those sweet little babies.