Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teeth, Dada, and Dr. Ferber

Emaline's two bottom teeth are coming in quite nicely. They are as sharp as razors and are good for cutting through peas, carrots, and milk. Keillor has one tooth coming in quickly, and a sluggish one.

Keillor is quite advanced and is already saying, "da da"; at least, that's what I think he is saying. You decide:

We finally decided the babies are old enough, so last week we started the Ferber Method. While we are still working out a few kinks, they are learning to self-soothe and go to sleep on their own. It takes anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, only a couple of which are full of screams.

People keep asking if they are crawling yet. Sort of. Emaline can get on all fours easily, but can't seem to go forward. She crawls backwards though. We are working on installing a device that beeps when she's in reverse. Keillor has no interest in crawling. He would rather roll. I have been told that I did not like to crawl, but rolled around until I started walking. As I type this, Emaline is practicing crawling, while Keillor is on his back with his legs wrapped around hers so she can't move.

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  1. Well the video wasn't available when I tried to view it. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
    Joey's first word(s) was not "dada" or "mama,"
    it was "whew, I was thirsty!" I almost fainted when I heard that!

    Once Joey learned to get around on all fours, he went very quickly to walking, and then to climbing out of the crib, even though we sewed his feet together every night. Whenever I heard that loud THUMP, I knew Joey was up.