Monday, November 23, 2009

Laughing Babies

Where to begin? Keillor is over 16 pounds, with Emaline not far behind. They are still not big fans of eating with a spoon, but we have been practicing. We haven't found a food they like yet, although Emaline did laugh her way through a bowl of carrots--most of them ended up on her bib. Bananas got scowls. Green beans earned looks of anguish. We hear peas tend to be baby favorites. We'll see.
Bath time is everyone's favorite time of day. Emaline likes to lean into the water and drink it. Keillor likes to lay on his back and kick. I have great video of him swimming, but Aimee won't let me put it on the blog on account of his bird showing and all. Still, you can imagine a naked little boy doing the backstroke.
After bath time, they are ready for bed, even if they haven't finished their dinner. Many a night, Keillor sleep eats like he's on an Ambien bender.
They are up at 5 a.m. (if not sooner), and ready for breakfast. It's amazing how absolutely and completely happy I am to see them in the morning when we wake up, or in the afternoon when I pick them up from daycare. Sure, I'm happy to put them to bed and drink a glass of wine, but seeing them is this amazing experience every single time.
Updating this blog is much easier when we don't have 5,000 other responsibilities. We used to keep a journal, too. So much for that. Now we're asleep by 8:30, speaking of which...
I have been trying to take plenty of photos and video. I have captured them laughing, playing with their feet, looking at each other, and pooping.
Here is a little taste (of video, not poop):

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